Lifeline Meets with CMS to Discuss Clinical and Economic Value of Vascular Access Centers

Rich Nee and Terry Litchfield recently traveled to Washington, D.C. and met with CMS committee members to help position vascular access for better reimbursement. During the meeting, they shared the results of a study that Lifeline recently commissioned with Dobson | DaVanzo Associates that compared the outcomes of care in physician office-based settings versus similar care delivered in hospital outpatient departments.

The study, the largest population study of its kind to date, employed a robust methodology, including matched cohorts, patient episodes and Patient Pathways to track patterns of care and expenditures. The results clearly articulate the value of vascular access centers over hospital-based outpatient departments:

  • Lower annual patient costs
  • Fewer hospitalizations
  • Fewer infections
  • Lower mortality rate

A full-length article containing the full details of this validating study will be released this summer in the bi-monthly publication, Seminars in Dialysis.