Lifeline Vascular Access Celebrate 10 Years as Part of the DaVita Village

Tomorrow, July 31st will mark the 10 year anniversary of DaVita acquiring Lifeline Vascular Access. This relationship has been extremely successful. Under DaVita’s leadership, Lifeline has grown from 15 centers to 73. In 2003, we had just 15,000 patient encounters and in 2013, we expect over 120,000. Since the beginning, our clinical success has been stellar with a 98% overall procedure success rate. Patients are extremely happy with the services we provide. In addition, we have removed over 60,000 catheters – what a great gift to our patients!

We hope all teammates can feel proud of what we have achieved as an organization. We look forward to the next 10 years as we continue to raise the bar and promote superior care for patients.