Los Angeles Vascular Center Celebrates 5,000th Patient

State-of-the-art facility provides quality vascular access care and reduces health care costs for vulnerable kidney patients in the greater Los Angeles area

Los Angeles, California. 2/3/10 – Los Angeles Vascular Center (LVAC) today announced it treated its 5,000th patient with necessary vascular access care since opening in June 2007.

Located in Inglewood, California, the LAVC’s dedication to high-quality vascular care has resulted in marked improvements in the health of its patients.

Since opening in 2007, the LAVC has helped reduce the number of thrombectomies – blood clot removal procedures – performed at its clinic, declining from 36% in 2007 to 24% in 2009.  The prevention and reduction of clotted access means fewer patients are missing dialysis treatments and more patients have adequate blood flow through their access for optimal dialysis care.  Thrombectomies are expensive procedures, so fewer cases translate into lower costs to Medicare and insurance companies.

As policy makers look for ways to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality, LAVC is achieving this with coordinated care in its kidney community. By providing proactive vascular access care and cutting-edge procedures to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, LAVC creates a better model of patient care in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

The LAVC continues to adapt to health care trends in the local community by expanding its range of services.  Last year, the LAVC began offering pain management treatment to patients through the use of spinal cord stimulation, a procedure which masks pain signals by delivering electronic signals to the spine – significantly improving the lives of patients who often suffer from chronic pain.

“We are committed to raising the standards for vascular care by providing innovative clinical procedures in tandem with compassionate and effective patient treatment,” said Dr. Jack Rubin, Medical Director of the Los Angeles Vascular Center. “Our expanding portfolio of services is positioning us as a center of excellence in our health care community. It is also a practical response to identified patient needs and changes in reimbursement by Medicare.  Our diversified services will help moderate the impact of future fee reductions being put into place by Medicare and ensure that the LAVC can continue offering patients the care they need.”

The core of its vascular services include vessel mapping for access placement, thrombectomies, and angioplasties of dialysis access for ESRD patients.  In addition to its core services, LAVC provides other advanced procedures that improve health and avoid hospitalizations for both ESRD and non-ESRD patients. These procedures include venous ablation and lower extremity angiography (LEA).

As one of the only facilities in the area offering CO2 angiograms of the legs, the LAVC provides a painless diagnostic tool for the treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease, the leading cause of amputations in diabetics and ESRD patients.  Since opening, LAVC has performed 250 LEAs helping patients avoid traumatic limb amputations.

The LAVC – part of the Lifeline Vascular Access system of managed centers – is accredited by The Joint Commission and located at 323 N. Prairie Ave., Suite 114, Inglewood, California, 90301. For information about the center and its services, please visit www.lavascularcenter.com or call 310-674-9300.