Metro Atlanta Access Center Hosts Open House

Atlanta, Georgia. 8/23/11 – Metro Atlanta Access Center (MAAC) held an open house celebration on August 16 for medical personnel, legislators, staff and community members to learn more about the services the center offers to End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) patients.

The open house provided an opportunity for the community to interact with vascular access specialists and receive educational materials about kidney disease, care and prevention. The center, located at 5461 Hillandale Drive, Suite 210, Lithonia, GA 30058, provides outpatient vascular access interventions and services for dialysis patients as well as procedures for peripheral arterial disease.
Hemodialysis is a method of cleaning the blood when the kidneys have failed, and for this to happen successfully, patients require a special access to the bloodstream, called a “vascular access.” The health and success of an access contributes greatly to the health of the dialysis patient.
“Successful vascular access is critical to good dialysis, and we will provide that for our patients in a welcoming, friendly environment,” said Angus Howard, MD, MAAC, Board Chair. “We are extremely pleased to be expanding our services to Lithonia and the surrounding community.”
This new Lifeline Vascular Access managed center brings a team of nephrologists, radiologists and vascular surgeons to provide high quality vascular access care tailored to dialysis patients in the Atlanta area, including Dr. Jay Miller (Medical Director), Dr. Aakash Amin, and Dr. Jorge Corso. The center offers a range of services for dialysis accesses, including angiogram, declotting and catheter placement all in an outpatient setting to prevent missed dialysis treatments.