Sustainability Initiative Reduces Landfill Waste

New reusable sharps container sustainability initiative reduces landfill waste

Vernon Hills, Illinois. 9/12/12 – Lifeline Vascular AccessSM today announced its commitment to reducing environmental impact by implementing a company-wide sharps reusable container program for facilities in 19 states.
Lifeline announced an agreement with Stericycle®, a leader in healthcare-related services that protects people and reduces risk. Lifeline is the first provider of vascular access management services in the U.S. to implement the Sharps Management System using Bio Systems reusable containers service. In the clinical setting, sharps containers are used to dispose of syringes, scalpels and other sharp objects. Lifeline’s network of centers uses approximately 4,600 disposable containers a year. Each reusable container now used will keep an average of 600 disposable sharps containers from going to the landfill.

Disposable containers end up in landfills and contribute to the sizable carbon footprint made by the nation’s healthcare industry. The EPA is increasing its efforts to reduce carbon emissions across the U.S. as part of its goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 17% by 2012 from its 2009 baseline.

This sharps reusable container service has been used by U.S. hospitals since 1986. Organizations using the service have kept nearly 119 million disposable containers out of landfills. Companies like Lifeline Vascular Access are making a commitment to reduce landfill waste with the reusable containers.

“Lifeline is committed to sustainability and to reducing waste. While patient health is our number one priority, at the same time we are excited to reduce our carbon footprint,” said Richard Nee, General Manager of Lifeline Vascular Access.

The expected benefit of the program for Lifeline is preventing 8,861 pounds of CO2emissions annually. Lifeline will divert 15,011 pounds of plastic and 1,009 pounds of cardboard annually which is the equivalent of not burning 456 gallons of gas1.